Counseling in Harmony with Faith

Did you know that “to give therapy” is a beautiful biblical word? In Greek it means “to serve,” “to attend to someone with care,” or “to heal.” It occurs some 35 times in the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ healing work.

Some people are disappointed in themselves when they need to turn to a counselor. They have been told that all they need is in the Church. There are good reasons for that: Counselors and therapists come with a wide range of training and personal belief systems. Clients have at times received interpretations or suggestions that do not fit–—for example, that they should break away from their faith or its guidelines. With pastoral counseling it is not an either/or situation: Your pastoral counselor is exercising a ministry of the Church and is trained to help you grow in your faith while you move through the “stuck places” in your life. Your pastor may not have the time to sit down with you every week or the training to help you with your presenting issues. Your pastor may be glad for you to have a seminary-trained counselor to talk to.

On the other hand, some people are estranged from the Church because of hurts or a sense of betrayal by those entrusted to care. Your pastoral counselor is trained to help you find your way through those hurts to a life with meaning and purpose. You retain the right to talk about faith on your own terms, if and when you wish.

Personal growth and spiritual direction

Are you interested in:

  • Developing and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Being more assertive and less angry
  • Finding your vocation
  • Developing in faith and spiritual practice
  • Discovering your soul
Inner healing

Would you like help with:

  • Depression
  • Growth through grief and loss
  • Attachment issues
  • The effects of trauma, abuse, or betrayal
  • Dealing with dissociation

Are you looking for EMDR therapy? Nun Katherine is a certified EMDR therapist and can help you discover if this modality would be a good fit.

From whatever point you begin your journey, harmony grows from within until it transforms relationships and situations. Nun Katherine gently nurtures the seed of harmony for adults, adolescents, and children. She would be honored to work with you or that special someone you care about.

She synthesizes elements of insight-oriented work, expressive work, and family systems perspectives, with attentiveness to issues of faith.

All sessions are virtual. HIPAA-compliant platforms include GoTo and DoxyMe.

For questions, or to schedule an initial session, please leave a voicemail message at: 317.691.6672. Leave your name, phone, and two or three good times to reach you.